Dan Houze has more than 30 years of experience in full-time church ministry.  Before entering the ministry, he had additional experience in business ownership and management.  He received a Master of Arts degree in Christian education with an emphasis in leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dan founded two churches – one in Dallas where he served seven years as senior pastor and one in southern Indiana where he served 21 years as senior pastor.  His ministry experience also includes serving as a youth pastor.

Dan has served various non-profit organizations as a board member and consultant. With his passion for leadership, he also has worked as a consultant for other churches and private businesses. He enjoys playing golf, reading, watching classic old movies, teaching and discipleship. Dan and his wife Kim reside in Abilene, Texas, and have two sons and four grandchildren.

Scripture provides a litany of leadership lessons if only we’ll take the time to consider their application to today’s world. You may be a pastor, CEO, teacher, or parent.

If others follow you, the question isn’t whether you’re a leader….

The real question is:

What kind of leader do you want to be?

Learn More In Dan's Book

In “The Path of the Shepherd Leader: How to Lead Like Jesus,” Pastor Dan Houze offers dozens of biblically based characteristics that define shepherd leadership.

Through his decades of pastoral experience and training others to become leaders, Pastor Houze provides timeless principles based on the truth of Scripture that will help every leader realize God’s ultimate calling on their life: “Feed My Sheep.”

Praise For The Path Of The Shepherd Leader

Consultations & Seminars For Christian Leaders

12:8 Ministries wants to help you grow in Christian leadership, no matter where you are starting from today. Dan Houze and 12:8 Ministries can design a session for your organization’s leadership ranging from a half day to 2 full days, as one-on-one or in group sessions. Within that time together, Dan can address topics such as conflict management, organizational transitions and communications based on your needs. Let us know if you are interested in an on-site session, or 12:8 Ministries can arrange for retreat settings to best fit your group.
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To walk alongside Christians leaders to equip and encourage excellence in leadership to the glory of God.

We mentor Christians who lead, by utilizing resources, and small group retreats to sharpen leadership skills. This is accomplished by helping the leader(s) grow in their identity through the resources of God’s love, God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s people, which together create organizational excellence.